Apply Here

This is the process for adopting a puppy through CruzNDoodles:

  • Look at the Available Puppies page to see if we have any available.
  • Submit an Application.
  • We will contact you to either put you on the waitlist, explain why we are declining, or we will schedule a phone call.
  • If accepted, you will choose a puppy and place a $500 nonrefundable deposit.
  • You will receive weekly updates about your puppy until he/ she is ready to go home.
  • They will receive first shots, microchipping and deworming before going home.
  • At 8 weeks or after, puppies can go to their furever ❤ homes. They’ll be sent home with food, vet records, other valuable information and some gifts so you’ll be set up for success!

Here is information on pricing, our health guarantee, and deposit information:

Our Goldendoodles are either F1B or Multigenerational. They will be 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever.

Each puppy is $1950, regardless of sex or color. The $500 deposit will be applied to the total, and the remainder is due upon puppy pickup.

Yes, you can find goldendoodles for less, but it’s unlikely other breeders complete DNA testing and OFA testing of their breeding dogs. We only breed healthy dogs with great personalities. We also play with the puppies, use the Puppy Culture training protocol, and conduct ENS.

If you purchase from a pet store, you’ll probably pay twice as much for a puppy from a sad puppy mill. Puppies raised in a happy home, like ours, are at a major advantage over puppies that spend their days in a cage at a store, waiting for a family.

* Please note if you are purchasing a breeding dog, the cost will be more and we will negotiate separately.

Here is our health guarantee. We also ask that if you decide you are unable to care for your dog, we will work with you to discuss options. We don’t want any of our puppies ending up in a shelter or an unhappy home, so we will take puppies and even adult dogs back if necessary to find good homes. Puppies or dogs that are returned are not eligible for a refund of any kind, except for the conditions listed in our health guarantee.

The $500 deposit is nonrefundable. It requires a lot of effort and cost to care for the mother and puppies, and to find good homes for them. If you decide not to choose a puppy from the current litter after placing a deposit, you can use your deposit toward the next litter. So before you place your deposit, make sure you are ready for this commitment!