Dogs Need Seatbelts Too!

There was a time when seatbelts were optional. I remember as a kid, sometimes I would roll around the backseat of the car, lay down on the package shelf- you know, that area above the back seats by the rear windshield? Ah the good ol’ days, driving sans seatbelt with no AC from San Diego to Indianapolis. Who am I kidding? I’m lucky I made it alive to adulthood 🤣😂🤣

Those long drives were so boring! No iPads or phones to keep us entertained. How did we do it?! 😁

So now that we know how important safety is for people in vehicles, it should also be obvious that our pets need to be buckled up too. There are lots of dog restraints on the market. I’ve tried a few different kinds. One was a booster seat for my little Maltipoo, but it would have been useless in a crash. I’ve also tried some different kinds of harness systems and seatbelts.

My babies are important to me. Why wouldn’t I buckle them up in the car?

So what are the most important features for dog seatbelts?

First, it’s important to restrain your dog in the car so he isn’t jumping around, bumping into you and distracting you while you’re driving. Second, you want something versatile that you can easily transfer to a different vehicle. You want something strong and well-made that can keep your fur baby from flying through the windshield if you’re in an accident. This is the Amazon review that really sold me on this belt:

After reading all the reviews, I purchased two and I LOVE THEM. They’re well- made and easy to use. I attach them to the harnesses I already have. I can attach the seatbelt to the seatbelt buckle or I can use the carseat anchors. Watch my review on Instagram: and follow @cruzndoodles for more tips and cute pics.

Here is the seatbelt I like. If you don’t buy this one, please buy a different brand. Either way, your fur babies need to be protected! Click on the image below to purchase.

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