We breed Goldendoodle puppies with love.

About Goldendoodles

Becoming a Goldendoodle parent is a lifelong committment. Learn about Goldendoodles here:


An ethical breeder carefully selects families for their puppies. CruzNDoodles needs to ensure our puppies are a good match for the family it goes home to. We want to make sure the family knows what is required to raise a healthy, well-socialized dog. We also want to make sure our puppies will be placed in forever homes, and never end up in a shelter. Click here to see the requirements and process for adopting a puppy:

Our Standards

Our breeding dogs are DNA tested and health tested. We are GANA (Goldendoodle Association of North America) members and follow the GANA standards for breeding healthy goldendoodles.

We use Embark to test for over 200 genetic conditions so we can clear our dogs before we breed them. Dogs that could potentially pass on genetic problems to their offspring will not be bred.

We also have our breeding dogs health tested with a Reproductive Veterinarian. This rigorous testing includes examination of the hips and elbows through X-rays, and heart and eye examinations. This is in addition to the typical vet exams and preventive medicine such as vaccines. Of course our dogs are up-to-date on vaccinations and heartworm prevention as well!

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Recommendations for a New Puppy:

A new puppy needs love, but also a lot of stuff! See my recommendations here.

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